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Student wellbeing

The school considers students' wellbeing and safety as our highest priority. 

A safe and supportive school community

Canterbury Boys' aims for the academic success and personal happiness of every student. We aim to help each student reach their potential, achieve the skills to continue effective life-long learning and prepare to take up successfully the role of citizens of the future. To support this aim we provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment, maintain high expectations of work and behaviour, promote self-esteem and celebrate success in all areas. We value our strong cultural and social diversity.

Strong student wellbeing practices

The school's Student Support Officer and School Counsellor lead student wellbeing at Canterbury Boys' High School. Proactive wellbeing programs are implemented across the school to develop our boys' self-esteem, confidence, resilience and ability to handle a range of situations. The school has a strong anti-bullying plan and a high standard of expected behaviour. There are a range of staff committed to supporting students such as Year Advisers and a highly effective Learning Support Team. We are in partnership with local health agencies such as Head Space, YouthBlock and local Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC).

Mental health and wellbeing: information and support organisations

The following document contains a list of supporting services to help the students and their families. Please contact the school to discuss the wellbeing needs of your child.

Download the wellbeing support resources and information document (PDF 1040KB) for more details.

Student wellbeing programs

Student mental health and student wellbeing are priorities at Canterbury Boys High School. Our school has a range of programs supporting students from Years 7 to 12. These focus on prevention and early intervention which promotes psychological wellbeing for all students. This priority has important connections to academic and social success. Initiatives offered to all students are:

  • Youthblock nurse clinic
  • Youthblock mental health presentations
  • Headspace mental health presentations
  • access to online e-headspace website if support is needed.

Student wellbeing programs by Year levels

Our students face new and different challenges as they enter adolescence and during their teenage years. Canterbury Boys High School supports student wellbeing through a range of tailored programs and initiatives including:

Year 7

  • Bullying No Way - year 7's are involved in a range of activities on the National Day of Action against Bullying & Violence. We are proudly a National Day of Action (NDA) school.
  • 'The Bully Project' program - a social action campaign against bullying.
  • Staying Strong - an anti-bullying and resilience program Year 7's participate in as part of their transition to high school.
  • Black Dog Institute - the institute provides different opportunities for students.

Year 8

  • Raise Youth Mentoring - a program involving a volunteering mentoring company.
  • In League In Harmony - a program in partnership with the National Rugby League (NRL).
  • Rock & Water - a program assisting adolescents in their development to adulthood.

Year 9

  • Raise Youth Mentoring - a program involving a volunteering mentoring company.
  • Get Connected - a program in partnership with Mission Australia.
  • In League In Harmony - a program in partnership with the NRL.
  • Infuse: Fusion Youth Services - a leadership and mentoring program.

Year 10

  • Love Bites - a program supporting our work as a White Ribbon ambassador school, led by  the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN).
  • Get Connected - a program in partnership with Mission Australia.