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Why choose a boys only high school?

Knowing boys means we teach them the way they learn best.

We understand the educational needs of boys. Extensive research in this area supports the innovative teaching and learning applied by our teachers, ensuring the boys are engaged and intellectually challenged. We focus entirely on the unique needs of boys and celebrate their strengths and abilities.

We know boys are active learners that:

  • learn by doing
  • need to be heard
  • are strongly influenced by peers and adult mentors
  • learn at their own pace and learn best when they are stimulated, creative and take risks.

We keep them active with learning, sport and a range of extra-curricular programs. Our timetable is designed to have a break after each lesson, ensuring that our boys' learning time and social time is being optimised. A typical day incorporates four 75 to 80 minute lessons with the opportunity to engage in active play (basketball, football codes or handball) during break times. This complements the quality learning time.

We are committed to helping all our boys achieve and reach their full potential and develop into men who are compassionate, resilient and successful. Our students are more confident to participate fully in all activities including academics, music, drama, art, sport, debating, leadership, and community service.

A boys only environment enables the development of strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie with peers and teachers so that the impact of positive role models can have its fullest effect. Boys can gain confidence in their ability to learn without being compared to girls who often mature more quickly.

We develop in our boys the core values of truth, honour and respect and the importance of leading by example and striving for excellence in all they attempt. We nourish their understanding of wider responsibilities and community engagement and ensure when they graduate they are ready for the challenges of the world ahead of them.

We are committed to boys' education because we know the advantages it offers to a young man's secondary education.

If you would like to discuss your child's needs or visit the school for a "school in action" tour, please contact our administration office on 029798 8444 to organise an appointment.