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School clubs and activities

Our school has a number of clubs and activities students can participate in, during and after school hours. That may have been mentioned under the Extra-curricular activities page of the school site.

Astronomy club

Students with significant interest in science and astronomy are allowed to join our schools astronomy club. Under the close guidance of our expert science staff, students, teachers and parents have the opportunity to navigate the stars with our impressive telescope during our astronomy nights. Our telescope is a computer controlled Celestron 8 inch reflecting telescope.

For information on our astronomy club, please see the Science staff for more details.

Band program

Canterbury Boys High School prioritises the musical development of our boys through a music band enrichment program that is led by a professional musician and one of our creative and performing arts staff, Mr Spyridopoulos. Our music program is embedded into the school timetable, however, there are a number of after-school workshop sessions and rehearsals.

Performances occur throughout the school calendar at various whole-school events, for local schools and across the local community.

The music program focuses on developing our boys' vocal and instrumental talents. The group consists of participants linked to the Department of Educations Arts Unit (including a state violinist). In 2017, our boys took part in the talent advancement program at Canterbury Bankstown Council.

If you would like any information on our band program, please contact the coordinator Mr Spyridopoulos in the music faculty.

Chess and games club

Our library is at its height of activity each lunch break with students rapidly playing chess and collaboratively completing puzzles. These activities cater for all for all ability levels, with teachers and peers keen to teach novice players through to advanced.

There are opportunities for our boys to compete in inter-school chess competitions and try out new skills against other players.

If you would like to find out more about our chess & games club, please contact the school for more details.

Coding and robotics club

Students interested in robotics and/or coding can join our after-school coding and robotics club. This club operates each Monday in the Library from 3:15pm to 4:45pm. These are the same hours of operation as the Homework Centre.

What will students learn?

Students will develop skills in:

  • computer programming
  • the designing of robotics to perform functions 
  • team-work
  • robocup entry preparation.

If you would like any more information on our coding and robotics club, please contact the TAS faculty.

Green squad

The environmental team (aka 'the green squad') consists of a staff member from each faculty and student members from all years. The mission of this committee is to raise awareness of environmental issues, conserve resources such as power and water and create change at an individual level for environmental conservation. The team is also responsible for maintaining the bio-diversity garden created at the front of the school.

Homework Centre

The Homework Centre provides an opportunity for students to have a quiet learning environment in which to complete any assessments or class tasks, as well as study.

It operates in the library two afternoons a week, and also provides information and communication technology (ICT) facilities for students who may not have these in their home setting.

It is staffed by teachers from all faculties who give their time to tutor and help students with all types of tasks and skills, in order to help them improve their learning outcomes. Teachers help out at the homework centre when:

  • students have an assessment task that's due - as an extra support mechanism to help their students
  • students have requested extra assistance in a certain subject.

All students from years 7 to 12 are welcome to attend the homework centre.

Theatre group

We boast a highly sought after theatre group which is one of the after-school clubs on offer at Canterbury Boys. Led by two of our fabulous English staff (Ms Christofidies and Ms Horne), our boys engage in a range of theatre enrichment activities including play writing, creating drama sets and developing performance techniques.

The theatre group performs their creations at a range of school-based events for local schools and our community.

Any student is welcome to join. If you would like information on the theatre group, contact Ms Christofidies or Ms Horne in the English staffroom.


Our teachers are passionate and dedicated and look for opportunities to extend our students further. Throughout the year, a number of staff organise student and school participation in a range of local, regional and state competitions.

Information related to some of the major competitions and there links are:

  • UNSW ICAS - exams in digital technologies, English, mathematics, science, spelling and writing.
  • Australian mathematics competition (AMT)
  • Australian science innovations (ASI) exams
  • commonwealth science and industrial research organisation (CSIRO) and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) crest awards.
  • debating
  • public speaking
  • poetry slam - local competitions held through Bankstown Arts Centre and Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL.

For information on competitions your child may show interest in, please contact the relevant faculty head teacher.