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In English, students learn about the study and use of the English language in its various textual forms. These encompass spoken, written and visual texts. Complexity increases as students progress through their schooling.

Developing proficiency in English enables students to take their place as confident communicators; critical and imaginative thinkers; lifelong learners; and informed, active participants in Australian society. Their understanding of English through knowledge and skills acquisition is essential to their intellectual, social and emotional development.

The study of English should develop a love of literature and learning and be challenging and enjoyable. It develops skills to enable students to experiment with ideas and expression, to become active, independent and lifelong learners, to work with each other and to reflect on their learning.

English at Canterbury Boys High School 

English is a dynamic subject that reflects the growing varieties of communication in our world. In studying English, students are exposed to everyday and literary texts. Students are expected to analyse, evaluate and compose in different modes.

What subjects/courses do we offer?

Students of English learn to read, understand, appreciate and reflect on the English language in a variety of text. They also have the opportunity to write texts that are imaginative, interpretive, critical and powerful.

The following courses are offered:

  • Stage 4 (Year 7 and 8) – English
  • Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) – English, Drama (elective) and Film Studies (elective)
  • Stage 6 (college classes) – English Advanced 2 unit (ATAR), English Standard 2 unit (ATAR), English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) 2 unit (ATAR), English Studies 2 unit, English Extension 1 (ATAR) and English Extension 2 (ATAR)

What will students learn about in English?

The study of English at Canterbury Boys High School is creative, exciting and intellectually inspiring. Various texts give students experience of Australian literature and literature from other countries and times, and insights into Aboriginal experiences. Students also study texts that give experience of cultural heritages, popular cultures and youth cultures, picture books, everyday and workplace texts, and a range of social, gender and cultural perspectives.

What will students learn to do?

We offer a range of opportunities for the boys to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding so that they can use language and communicate appropriately and effectively for a range of purposes and audiences, in a range of contexts. This includes learning about the power, value and art of the English language for knowledge and pleasure. Students learn to think in ways that are imaginative, interpretive and critical. They express themselves and their relationships with others and the world.

For all English enquiries, please contact the Head Teacher of English, Mr McKinley on 02 9798 8444.